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water to prevent any dangerous materials from entering the air. health officials say at this point there is no danger. >> at this point the air quality is good. we're seeing nothing on the monitors or in our sampling and i was out here yesterday with the winds howling like we have here and there was no dust at all so the water control we're doing is working quite well. >> ten homeowners have not signed permits to allow cleanup work to go forward on their properties. the entire cleanup is expected to last at least four weeks. four days after they released the list of the riskest areas the company is meeting with city leaders worrying about that they are not safe. george has the details of today's meeting in san jose and he's live from city hall with the latest. george? >> reporter: that meeting just finished a short time ago here at san jose city hall. pg&e would not comment but someone from public works came out and said it was a good meeting. the city is concerned about a
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high-risk natural gas pipe looib near the intersection here in and around the intersection is a light rail line. businesses like sysco. restaurants, a mobile home park with 800 homes. this pipeline made their list of the 100 highest risk natural gas pipelines in the bay area. the city says the condition of the pipeline is fine but there's a 2,000 foot section of the pipe shifting soil and that's a concern. pg&e told the city of san jose it would fix it in 2012 but the city is hoping it will be done sooner. >> we're interested in knowing more about that line. we're interested in knowing if it needs to be accelerated and then, also, i'll emphasize what the city and pg&e can do to get that prioritized. >> reporter: the mayor chuck reed said earlier the city will have to take extra precautions but they'll wait for the results of the san bruno accident investigation before taking that next step. live at san jose city hall, nbc bay area news.
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>> thank you, george. stay with nbc bay area for continuing coverage of the san bruno explosion. we also have a special section in our website at new tonight at 5:00, san jose police released a sketch of a man suspected of trying to rape a jogger on a popular trail. the suspect is described as a hispanic male in his mid 20s, 5'6", 150 pounds with brown hair and brown eyes. he was last seen wearing a grey hoody. the woman was running down along coyot coyote trail and she kicked and screamed until the attacker ran away. new at 5:00, four years after a san francisco police officer was killed in the line of duty the jury found the man guilty of first-degree murder with special circumstances. the officer had parked his cruiser hoping to stop a suspect leading officers on a high-speed chase in 2006.
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but steven patrelli drove the stolen van he was driving into the policeman hitting and killing him. his emotional family members say they are satisfied with the verdict. his father says, while he misses his son, he forgives patrelli. >> we forgive you. we are all just human. we make mistakes. and your family, there is no grudge. >> the jury found him guilty on ten counts and he could be sentenced to life without the possibility of parole. he's scheduled to be back in court in october to set a sentencing date. after more than a year behind bars in an iranian prison a uc berkeley hiker tells her story. sarah shourd was held in solitary confinement for 13 months. and talked to oprah today about the most terrifying moment. >> there was a moment when my investigators said to me, sarah, the investigation is over. and he said, you know, i could
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continue asking questions but we've been told that the investigation is finished and at this point, it's become political. and it really doesn't matter if you're innocent or not. this is bigger than you. >> her fiance', shane bower and josh are being held accused of spying and she talked about how she never gave up hope. >> i had to pick myself up because i had to keep going for my mom and everyone else that loves me and that's really what -- and for god, and that's what makes you not give up. >> she added that she has no animosity towards iran's president and she hopes to meet with him this week while he's in new york at the u.n. general assembly. now to health care and some major new changes taking affect today. health insurance companies are scrambling to comply with the first round of new rules under the federal health care law but they are already worries consumers could pay more for health coverage. nbc bay area damian has more.
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>> reporter: new requirements for health insurance companies include prepreventive care and no discrimination with children with pre-existing conditions. young people can remain on parents insurance until age 26. >> health reform is off to a very strong start. >> other changes starting today? no lifetime limits on coverage and no more dropping people from coverage when they get sick. while democratic supporters on capitol hill celebrate this day, republicans point to the bill for taxpayers. >> what the american people have told us that they want is that we defund, repeal and replace. >> reporter: in addition to higher taxes for some, health insurance companies warn that customers should be prepared to pay more for coverage. >> people are also going to see higher costs associated with the new benefits as they are required to have more coverage and new people added to policies than previously were. >> reporter: insurance companies have been working for the past
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six months since the bill was signed into law to prepare for the changes and advancing the new technology and working with hospitals and doctors to try to improve care while containing costs. >> the health plans are having to make a significant amount of changes in hair own operations. >> this is only the beginning. the more sweeping reforms are set to take effect four years from now. nbc bay area news. the law that prevents companies from denying coverage to children with preexisting conditions is considered a major part of the health care overhaul. the health officials estimate between 31,000 and 72,000 uninsured children with preexisting conditions will now gain coverage. another 90,000 children who are insured will now get coverage for pre-existing conditions that previous had been excluded. several major health insurance companies say they have stopped selling child-only individual insurance policies before the new laws took effect today. health & human services kathleen
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sebelius spoke with us about the situation. >> to me, that is a really tragic situation where we have a health insurance company who really won't insure folks when they need it the most. when they need health coverages. when you're suffering from an illness. so i'm hoping that the vast majority of companies across the country actually write policies that parents, for the first time ever, in history, will have some peace of mind. >> reporter: the vast majority of the uninsured children who will benefit are in families that buy policies on the individual market. most employer-sponsored plans cover people with pre-existing conditions so they sometimes delay covering the condition. more bad news for those of us waiting for an economic recovery. nbc bay area business and tech reporter scott budman is here with the latest job news. we've been talking about jobs a lot late by but not been seeing much in the way of hiring but we saw unemployment claims
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falling for several weeks but that came to an end last week. 12,000 new claims, another kick in the shins to hope of a quick economic comeback. investors after a big runup taking some money off the table and putting some of it into gold which hit a new high today, nearly $1,300 an ounce. "consumer reports" may not recommend it but consumers themselves buying it in droves. apple's iphone 4 came out on top of the jd power consumer satisfaction survey the iphone winning for the fourth consecutive year. the smartphone user siting the app as their favorite thing. apple shares hit an all-time high despite the overall decline in the stock market and coming up tonight later, the other silicon valley tech giant people are talking about but this time they're talking about it because they couldn't use it. that's tonight at 6:00. >> thanks a lot. still ahead at 5:00, netflix
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issues an apology. and he's not even 30 and he's among the richest men in america. there's a movie about him. what's left for facebook founder mark zuckerburg to do? we'll tell you. a dangerous threat in sports goes before congress. and an alarming report on hiv infections. we'll have the details. and i'm rob mayeda tracking a sea breeze for now around san francisco. 66 degrees. west wind at 23 but as the sea breeze backs off temperatures turning toasty as we headed to the weekend. details on a heat we've coming up. details on a heatwave coming up. people! look at you!
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[ barbara boxer ] i'm barbara boxer and i approve this message.
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a dead heat in the governor's race. that's the sign of a field poll and it chose democrat jerry brown and republican meg whitman deadlocked with 41% of likely voters while 18% are undecided or not included to vote or incoastlined to vote for either candidate. surprisingly, despite massive media coverage and unprecedented campaign spending, the biggest change since july is that more voters are undecided. in july, 13% of voters refused to name a favorite in the race. also today, whitman came out against proposition 23 which would delay california's global warming law. whitman has long supported suspending the law for a year if elected grofr but until now she's deflected questions about her formal stand on 23. opponent jerry brown had challenged her to take a position. prop 23 is primarily funded by
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texas oil companies and would delay the global warming law until california's unemployment rate is level or falls to 5.5% been a level reached just three times in the last 30 years. let's talk health news. one of the largest studies of its kind find gay and buy sexual men continue to be infected with the aids virus at a much higher rate than the general public. one in five sexually active gay and men have hiv and nearly half don't know they're infected, the results of a federal study in 21 u.s. cities. the centers for disease control recommends testing at least once a year for men who have male sex partners, but research indicates more than half are not getting tested. concussion experts say two things are needed to better protect student athletes from traumatic brain injuries. a new law and a change in attitude. the issue of concussions in sports was the focus of a hearing on capitol hill. a student and former athletes testified about the problem.
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bone crunching blows are a large part of football, especially among professional players. but for younger athletes whose brains are still developing concussions make it difficult to do their main job, that is welcome schoolwork, effectively. >> about 45 minutes into my hour-long class period my concentration is completely gone into this high school honor student suffered a brain injury while playing sock her august. she was one of several concussion victims and experts who testified on capitol hill thursday. they are pushing for pending legislation that would focus on educating students, coaches and parents on recognizing the signs of concussions in all youth sports, not just football. >> in college sports, the rate of concussion in women's soccer is higher than in men's football. >> one problem, according to experts, is that student athletes don't have the medical support the professional players do and are more likely to go back out on to the playing field brain damaged if a concussion goes unnoticed.
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the new standards would encourage coaches to keep players off the field until they are fully recovered. experts say doing so will take not only increased awareness but a strong shift in sports culture. >> we can work to change this culture so that it's just as unacceptable to play someone with a concussion as it is to hold water during practice or play. >> i think a lot of people think it's a badge of honor to play through a concussion. players don't ever want to show any vulnerabilities. >> the hope is that the sports world will turn that sign of weakness into its biggest strength by protecting players. experts also called today for all schools to give their athletes baseline cognitive tests which would help to identify lingering problems in athletes who have suffered concussions. another gas leak scare led to evacuations today two weeks after the san bruno spleegs. before midnight, a road crew punctured an underground line in
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north wood drive. fire crews evacuated more than a dozen homes thinking of the broken pipe was a six inch line. when it turned out to be a two inch line, residents were allowed to return back home. pg&e crews controlled the leak by 6:00 this morning. gorgeous day out there today. >> and it's warming up? >> it is. and it's going to get hotter. >> slowly getting to uncomfortable. today was nice but tomorrow, border line nice and comfortable. the weekend will be surprising how fast things heat up. right now it's pleasant in san jose and we're at 77 degrees. notice the wind direction, northwest at 15. cooler air moving down from the inner bay into the santa clara valleys. oakland at 76. gusty and the camera lens shows that. northwest wind at 12. in san francisco, 66 degrees. a good, strong sea breeze going and that for the most part will turn weaker and be felt along the coast so that is reason why inland spots along with high
5:17 pm
pressure building inland will lead to a big-time warmup around the bay area. right now the interesting almost summerlike spread. i know it's fall but you get this pattern of 60s on the coast and around san francisco and mid 80s inland. near the passing with livermore, east bay locations, pleasant hill and concord in the low 80s today. these numbers you may be able to add 10 degrees to what you're seeing right now. that's the warmup we have expected around the bay area for tomorrow. tonight, patches of low clouds and tomorrow, warming taking us inland to the 80s and 90s and for the weekend, by the time we get to sunday and monday, hottest places inland, livermore, morgan hills, san jose and they may get close to 100 by monday. this is unusually hot weather and it will last three to five days. air quality inland dropping off. this is a clear indication that the sea breeze really being felt around the inner bay as the marine layer gets squished down. nothing showing up on the radar and the storm trac is lifting
5:18 pm
way off to the north. this is what the high pressure will do for you. it acts like a big dome and sends the storm trac to canada. we're seeing rain as far as south as seattle and that's where it will stay over the next few days. you see the pattern with the high pressure building in. a warming sinking air mass. and that will lead to another thing we'll have to watch as we head toward the weekend. in the meantime for friday, 80s and 90s inland and san francisco, close to 80 for friday afternoon. now, as the winds start to turn offshore, if they get gusty enough we may see some red flag warnings sunday and into monday. so stay tuned. we know it will be hot but one thing that would trigger the red-flag warnings would be the gusty winds in the hills. we may see that sunday night and monday. tonight, temperatures dropping to the forts and 50s and not as cool as this morning and not too much in the way of low clouds inland. as the marine layer goes to 500 feet, the only cooling is near the coast and even the coast getting close to 70 tomorrow.
5:19 pm
87 in san jose. 83 around palo alto and san francisco looking nice at 78. the east bay, concord toward fairfield, highs in the 90s tomorrow. that's relatively speaking. we'll see mild by the time we get to sunday and monday. the north bay will see highs in the 80s and 90s. we've had many heatwaves through the summer but this one, i think, will be at least five to six days long but the key in s of fire danger is gusty as the winds get in the hills so we're watching that closely this weekend. >> rob, thank you very much. that's correct, rob. so do you like to laugh? tonight is the night on nbc with the season premieres for hit comedies like "the office" "30 rock" and "community." season seven of the office is being billed as an special opening segment. and matt damon returned to "30 rock" as a love interest. and the show features a live episode this year. and betty white guest stars on the season premiere of "community" playing a slightly
5:20 pm
wacky anthropology professor. and the series premiere of "outsource" followed by "the apprentice" at 10:00. more coming up at 5:00 including a story too hot for sesame street. the pop-star appearance that's now being pulled. also ahead, gold to go? where to find the atm that did expenses gold bars? and why netflix is apologizing for going a little too hollywood at a publicity event. back in two minutes. our state is in a real mess. and i'm not going to give you any phony plans or snappy slogans that don't go anywhere. we have to live within our means. we have got to take the power from the state capitol and move it down to the local level, closer to the people.
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and no new taxes, without voter approval. we have got to pull together not as republicans or as democrats but as californians first. at this stage in my life, i'm prepared to do exactly that.
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netflix embarrassed tonight after its big debut party for the start of online video streaming to canada and it ended with an apology after a publicity stunt back fired. the company organized a toronto street party yesterday and reporters discovered the fans were actually actors who gave scripted answers when asked
5:23 pm
about netflix. the company says it didn't intend to mislead but when it couldn't get permission for the block party it dodged the probably getting a film permit hiring actors and pretending to shoot a corporate video. the ninth richest person in america will be lighter in the pocketbook tomorrow but all for a good cause. facebook founder mark zuckerberg will announce a $100 million donation to the newark school district in new jersey. it's believed to be the largest donation zuckerberg has ever made. yesterday forbes 'magazine said the 26-year-old entrepreneur has a net worth of $4.9 billion. recently the men who were also on the top of that list, the top ten, microsoft cofounders bill gates and paul allen have made headlines for their large donations to urban schools. zuckerburg's rise to fame is documented in the upcoming movie "social network" which reportedly has less than
5:24 pm
chairable profit. we're usually happy to get a couple of 20s out of a machine. high risk rolers get gold. the man was unveiled in spain. customers get one, five and ten-gram bars as well as coins. a computer keeps up with real-time gold prices and the inventory says in these troubled financial times the world is ready for gold to go. it makes a welcomed gift. >> it's something that instead of giving a bunch of flowers, something you can offer. >> the first machine was unveiled in abu dabi earlier this year. >> instead of flowers give them . go we'll be right back with a story about why pop stars and sesame street just don't mix. [ female announcer ] jerry brown and oakland's schools.
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what were the facts? fact: march 7, 2000. brown asks voters for new mayoral power to appoint school board members. he gets it, and promises better schools. but the drop out rate increases...50%. the school budget goes into a 100 million dollar deficit. the schools become so bad...the state has to take them over. it was "largely a bust," he admitted. jerry brown. failure as governor. failure as mayor. failure we can't afford now.
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most "sesame street" characters don't wear clothing but it's surprising to learn that the show has a dress code. katy perry found out the hard way. when the video appeared on youtube some parents, up settle at perry's low cash dut dress. it will not air on "sesame street" but you can see it on katy >> i found nothing wrong with it. on "the nightly news," the ends of an era. lights out on a plant that once made a billion light bulbs a year. >> thanks for joining us here at 5:00. more news at 6:00. we'll see you then.
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